When consumer organisations or communities, web blogs, social networks or NGOs accuse companies of greenwashing, it is not only the company’s reputation that is harmed. Sales figures can decrease, clients, suppliers and producers may also turn away.

Greenwashing is the result of lack of know-how and experience in green marketing. Our consultancy services fill the gap. We analyse your greenwashing potential, create public awareness for all key players involved in CSR communications through individual training, developing a code of conduct and adjusting it to your processes. In this way, we prevent crises developing in your organisation and establish a CSR early-warning-system to prevent you from reputation damage. In the event of a crisis, we provide solutions on an ad hoc basis.

You can choose from variable modules that guaranteet your CSR campaigns and activities follow the principles of sustainability communications.

To see what Greenwashing can cause: watch the following report on ZDF/WISO (a main German TV channel) – statement by messagepool (in German):


Link to report


We can do for you:

prepare and compile an anti-Greenwash Guide© | check current communications regarding Greenwashing | individual education and best practice to avoid Greenwashing | social media analysis | organizational consultancy | development of a Code of Conduct | ad hoc crisis communications